When Buyers Say No

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In every sales persons career the word “No” comes up in conversation.

“I really wish I could afford your product, but at this moment I just have to say, No.”

Does that sound familiar, if so this book is for you! Geoffrey James, the award-winning columnist and author of Business Without the Bullsh*t said,

“”I just got an advance copy of When Buyers Say No. I must tell you, I have gotten more out of reading the first chapter than I’ve gotten out of 99.99% of all the sales books I’ve ever read. I predict it will be a classic.”

As a salesperson, being able to act rationally and methodically when buyers give you a negative verbal response is imperative to your future success.

This brand new book authored by Tom Hopkins will teach you the life lessons and strategies neccisary to take a “No” and turn it into an eventual “Yes” increasing your bottom line and more importantly your income.

Some of teachings you will learn in this book include:
– Getting a better understanding of how your close drastically influences your client.
– How to keep your sales rapport and conversation moving in a positive direction
– Be better equipped to address your clients final concerns.
– Truly understand the art of final negotiations leading to the final close
– Be able to deliver such a great product or service that referrals will come easily

For only a small investment backed by our iron clad 60 day money guarantee, you can learn Tom’s awarding wining strategies in his new book. Truly understand how to turn your buyers “No” into a “Yes”!

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