The ABCs of a Successful Career

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Master career success with sales and career development leader Tom Hopkins!

When Tom Hopkins started in real estate sales, he was one of the least successful agents in his office.  In fact, the only home he sold in his first 6 months was when he was the only one in the office on a Friday afternoon, and an elderly couple came in to buy a home they had seen his  company’s sign for (they had to fill out the paperwork for him because he didn’t know how to do it!).

Fast forward a few years….by the time Tom Hopkins turned 27, he was a millionaire!  In his career in real estate, he went on to set numerous records, including selling one house each day of the year!

Before Tom Hopkins was the public sales guru we today all know him as, he mastered his career development and made more money by the time he was 27 than most people will make in their entire life.

How did he do it?

The secret to Tom’s success was career mastery.  Tom knew that, in order to be outrageously successful in his career, he had to master certain things from within, items such as:

  • Maintaining an excellent and unwavering attitude that almost magnetically attracted people to want to work with him.
  • Keeping a finely-tuned sense of balance that would repel negativity and sadness from less-than-positive events in life.
  • Immense and deliberate flexibility that allowed Tom to take advantage of the opportunities presented and to excel quicker and more effectively.
  • How befriending and keeping mentors allowed him to compress years of career development into months.

Your career can either be a source of significant money, or a significant emotional drain.  The choice is yours, and Tom is here to help you make the right one!


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