Low Profile Selling

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Now is your chance to learn from one of the best sales trainers in the nation!

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Here's what I guarantee: this product has helped millions of students already, and it can help you too!

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Can this dynamic new approach to selling double or triple your annual sales volume?

We all know that selling is changing.  Consumers are more and more informed and do things on their own timeline and in their own way.  For that reason, they respond less and less to the pressure sales techniques that may have worked well in ways past.

Are you getting “friend zoned” by your prospects?

If you’re like many, you try to avoid being the “pushy salesperson” by instead becoming the “trusted advisor”; the “consultant” if you will.  You try to provide as much information as you can to your prospects, you try not to pressure them, you try to deftly–but not forcefully–guide them towards making a buying decision.

But then what happens?

Sales start to slip away!  “Hey, thanks for the advice.  Now I’m going to think about it for a while.”

“Your presentation was wonderful and informative.  Can we keep you in mind for when we decide to make a purchase?”

And just like that, you not only didn’t make the sale, you also lost significant time playing consultant!

How do you take the strengths of “consultative selling” and give it some teeth so that you can consistently close massive sales and generate substantial income?

Enter Tom Hopkins’ Low Profile Selling.  Designed to teach a revolutionary new methodology in sales, Low Profile Selling is the tool you need in order to act like a lamb…but sell like a lion!

Read this eye-opening book to learn: (note- have you been struggling with any of these?)

  • The Amazing Psychological Insight that shows the single biggest reason people will never buy from a salesperson!
  • The 5 Big Things Today’s Consumers demand in interactions with salespeople.
  • How to Decode Your Prospect’s Personality Type so that you can seamlessly match your approach to what is most likely to make them say yes.
  • How to Decimate Your Prospect’s Loyalty to Your Competition using this completely ethical, but little-known technique (hint: use it before your competition uses it on you!).
  • 10 Simple Notes that Guarantee Loyal Customers and get future sales from the same buyer!
  • How to bolster buying desire so that prospects have no choice but to say yes!
  • Power Closes that vaporize objections and make saying “yes!” easy for your prospect.

And much more!

Let me ask you a question: what’s the cost of continuing down a path of not closing sales?

What happens if you keep missing your sales quotas?  What happens if customers continue to perceive you as a “pushy salesman”…or worse, what happens if you try so hard to be not pushy and “consultative” that you lose the sales anyway?

By the end of the day, your ability to profit and be successful in sales is up to you alone!  Now is your chance to learn from one of the best sales trainers in the nation!

Learn how to act like a lamb, but sell like a lion from someone who sold his way to MILLIONAIRE status by the age of 27!

When it comes to teaching selling, there are a lot of self-professed “gurus” out there who claim to have the answer to all of your sales questions.  But let me ask you a question:

How many of them actually have the sales experience to back it up?

Enter Tom Hopkins.  When he started in real estate, he only made an average of $42 per month in his first six months in the business!  Recognizing that his “lifeline” was almost out, and dreaming of earning a substantial amount of income, Tom make the decision to invest in his sales education and learn everything he could about becoming a Sales Champion.

By the time he was 27, Tom Hopkins was a millionaire, and to this day, he still holds home selling records, including holding the distinction of selling 365 homes in one year alone!

Will you allow yourself to sell more and earn more?

Tom Hopkins’ Low Profile Selling is your chance to do just that!


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