How to Master the Art of Selling

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Master selling with this timeless, time-tested New York Times bestseller!

Those of us who are in sales or who own our own business know just how important it is to master every aspect of sales…from prospecting, to qualifying, to getting the appointment, and finally in getting the close.

Mastery in the fundamental elements of selling is your ticket to the financial success you have always dreamed of.

But there’s a big problem.  We’re all used to the writings of self-professed “gurus” who go around telling us how to sell, even though they themselves haven’t been successful in their endeavors.  Who can you trust?  What can you invest in that’s going to help quickly propel your career and almost immediately start driving in results?

Learn sales from someone who became a MILLIONAIRE at the age of 27!

Tom Hopkins wasn’t born into a rich family, and in fact, made only $42 per month in his first 6 months of real estate.  However, when he was down to his last $150, he became aware of a sales training program in his area.  He decided to invest the last of his money in the course.  And what he realized from this course was simply amazing:

Success in selling is about learning and mastering systems that can be used time and time again!

After that first seminar, Tom was hooked.  He started doing everything he could to learn and master success in selling, and to that extent, closed over 1,500 real estate deals in just six years!

Let Tom teach you in a book what he learned the hard way from years of trial and tribulation.

In How to Master the Art of Selling, Tom takes only his most important and most impacting lessons and boils them down for easy understanding.  Here’s a sneak peek into what’s on the inside:

  • Decoding the psychology of buying decision (Use these 5 often-overlooked factors to “crack the code” behind your buyer’s intentions…and use that to sway them to a purchasing decision!).
  • 16 Killer Words that 95% of sales professionals use without thinking…and how not using them can instantly build trust and comfort with a prospect.
  • Developing a Referral Machine that takes one positive transaction and turns it into many more.
  • 6 Sure-Fire Lead Generation Techniques that Tom used to build his real estate foundation.
  • Zero-In Qualifying Techniques that makes it effortless to find prospects who actually need what you have to offer (and how to avoid those who don’t).
  • Time Management Secrets that allow you to instantly double or triple your productivity.

Over 1 million people have invested in bettering their sales skills by using How to Master the Art of Selling

Join the leagues of people who have come to realize that, by bettering their sales skills, they would be able to drive substantially more revenue and better their lifestyle!


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