Foundations of Modern Selling – J. Douglas Edwards

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Here's what I guarantee: this product has helped millions of students already, and it can help you too!

Product Description

Learn how to dominate in selling from the “Father of Modern Selling” himself!

Before there was a Tom Hopkins, a man named J. Douglas Edwards was pioneering turning sales into a profession.  In the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, Edwards was in high demand in boardrooms, sales departments and corporations all over the world!

J. Douglas Edwards destroyed the image of the stereotypical salesman, and instead ushered in a new era of professionalism, focus and success.

Tom Hopkins and J. Douglas Edwards had a great relationship.  In fact, Edwards was one of Tom’s top mentors and was instrumental in helping Tom accomplish success in selling.  That’s why it is Tom’s great privilege to be able to offer J. Douglas Edwards’ materials to his students.

What will you learn from The Foundations of Modern Selling?

J. Douglas Edwards will teach you:

  • How to test the waters through revolutionary tie-down test closes.
  • How to successfully streamline and move along when closing a sale on the first visit is impossible (hint: 98% of salespeople struggle with this, even though most who sale require more than one appointment to make the sale!).
  • 7 Advanced Closing Techniques that shattered traditional selling when the came out, and continue to be used time and time again for resounding sales success.
  • How to create Sales Cheerleaders that actively assist you in closing the sale.

Learn from the original; learn from the best.  Boost your income today!

There’s a reason that J. Douglas Edwards’ work have achieved timeless status and continue to be taught by Tom Hopkins: the lessons taught here have excelled students to sales success for decades!  And they’re only going to continue helping students accomplish more and  more.


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