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Learn the exact sales skills that a college drop-out used to become a millionaire by the age of 27!

When Tom Hopkins graduated high school, he attended one semester of college before deciding it wasn’t for him.  When he decided to drop out of college, his father told him:

Son, we will always love you, but you will never amount to anything without a college education.

With that, Tom Hopkins was instilled with a burning desire to prove his father wrong.

Working tirelessly in real estate, Tom Hopkins defied all of the odds and, by the age of 27, became a millionaire from real estate sales.

Are you a salesperson or business owner who is struggling to bring in new business despite your best efforts?

Few things in this world are worse than working day-in, day-out, only to not sell enough to provide you with a comfortable amount of money at the end of each month to be able to save, invest, spend on necessities and to enjoy with family.

Do you feel like you could be extremely successful in sales if only you had a system of process that could be repeated and leveraged for continuous sales success?

At the beginning of his career, Tom Hopkins too had that feeling that many of us do…working day-in, day-out to sell and bring in business, only to be barely successful enough to pay for monthly expenses, let alone enjoy life.

How can you break out of this vicious cycle to achieve resounding sales success?

Tom invested his last few hundred dollars in attending sales seminars to find the answer to this exact question.  Tom knew that, if he could just master best-practices and implement a money-making system for ensuring sales success that he could be astronomically successful in selling anything!… and that this success in selling would enable him to live a lifestyle that was full and meaningful.

If you’re looking to finally learn and master a sales system that can continuously bring in revenue for you and your firm, the Certified Salesperson CD Set is for you!

Tom Hopkins partnered up with Laura Laaman to create this 7-disc set.  Unlike other sales course, the Certified Salesperson goes above and beyond platitudinous advice like “build a relationship with the prospect!” and “listen to their concerns!”.  If you’re in sales or own your own business, you no doubt have heard all of this before already.

The real question has always been: how do I implement these techniques to continuously assure success?

When you invest in the Certified Salesperson CD Set, you will learn:

  • The almost-unfair secret to Crushing Objections Before They Even Happen through predicting reactions and getting to them first.
  • How to become a Closing Champion so skillful that you can close even the most skeptical of buyers.
  • The “sixth sense” of reading body language and personality decoding to effortlessly craft your message in a manner that makes it impossible for prospects to say no (hint: this is a lot easier than it sounds, even though 97% of salespeople don’t do it!).
  • Forget worrying about “getting through gatekeepers”: we teach you how to make the gatekeeper a champion of your product or service so that they will actively and positively promote you to the decision maker!
  • Ultra-Efficient Prospecting so that you’re spending your time only on prospects likely to become customers while ignoring those who will not.

Your opportunity for more sales and increased revenue awaits.  Will you take it?

The only person that limits your growth and success is yourself.  Tom realized many years ago that the trick to assuring development and life success was to continuously push himself to learn and to test to see what worked best.  The Certified Salesperson CD Set is your chance to achieve this level of success!

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