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What good is success in business if you’re not having success with yourself?

Sales Champions are well-regarded for their ability to go into any situation and close with precision and effectiveness.  That’s what Tom Hopkins spent his career cultivating in himself.  But eventually, Tom realized that something was missing…

If I am being successful in selling and unsuccessful in life, then aren’t I leaving a huge part of the equation out?

Is your mind totally consumed with one thing such that it’s throwing off the balance with everything else?

If you’re anything like Tom was, you looked around and realized that even with hitting your sales goals and collecting nice commission checks at the end of each month, something big was missing.  Maybe it’s a growing distance from family.  Perhaps it’s a lack of enjoyment for things that you used to find fun.  Maybe you’re upset, and worst, perhaps you’re wondering if you were misguided about your idea to aggressively pursue success in selling or in your business.

Tom wasn’t satisfied with the “easy” answers that provided no value.  So he set out to develop a system that ensured happiness.

We’ve all heard so-called “gurus” espouse life advice like saying “find more time to relax!” or “spend more time with family!”  Of course, these things are wonderful, but how is simply telling someone to “be happier” going to solve the problem?

What Tom found completely surprised him.

What Tom found that allowed him to live a rich life – not just with money, but to live in a totally happy way- was actually so simple, yet so uncommon that it is not talked about often:

The Secret: Balance.

You see, Tom came to realize that life is like a 4-legged stool.  In the same manner that each leg of the stool was needed to balance properly, life needed 4 areas of balance in order to stay straight:

  • Financial balance
  • Health
  • Emotional and relationship balance
  • Spiritual balance.

By accomplishing a sense of completeness and happiness in each of these areas, we are able to live lives that are full, happy, and complete, and without a sole focus on vanity or wealth accumulation.

Listen to Tom’s groundbreaking analysis to learn:

  • How our 3-part lifecycle can be decoded and understood to propel us towards acceptance and mastery of the inevitable stages of life.
  • How to Reject the Influence of Rejection and to leave any situation with an even bigger smile on your face.
  • How to Dominate Procrastination with 3 simple tips (hint: this was instrumental in allowing Tom to become a millionaire by the age of 27).
  • An almost unfair method to destroy bad habits and to replace them with ones that will make it almost impossible not to succeed.
  • How to become a Fountain of Energy that keeps you going even when times get tough.
  • And so much more!

Why would you pursue success in only one area of your life when you have three more to tend to?

Tom Hopkins’ Balance Your Life CD Set offers a rare opportunity to do more than just “work through” the difficulties of life.  Rather, it offers you an opportunity to lead your own charge and to dominate the things that once held you back.

Better your life today with Balance Your Life!

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