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Master the power closes that made Tom a millionaire by the age of 27!

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Here's what I guarantee: this product has helped millions of students already, and it can help you too!

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The simple fact is master closers earn more…much more.  Are you ready to double or triple your income by learning how to close like a champion?

If you’re like many salespeople, you do an excellent job at prospecting, getting presentations, building rapport…

But when it comes to getting customers to sign on the dotted line, you’re often left with an “I think this is too expensive!”….or even worse:

“I’ll think about it.”

And we all know what that means…a lost sale, a lost opportunity to get a hefty commission that you could spend on a vacation or putting towards a new house.

“It’s just the way it is in selling”, some will say.

Jaded by pessimism and years of falling short, many will tell you that constant rejection and getting caught up in “Ill think about it” is just the way it works, and that you should take it in stride, and try again tomorrow.

But what about those who seemingly break all of the rules and walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars more in commissions than their colleagues?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret:

Did you know that there’s a whole class of salespeople out there who know how to take all of the objections thrown at them in a sales meeting and psychologically level with the buyer so that they have no option but to say yes?

 And it’s not by magic that these salesman are consistently bagging hundreds of thousands of dollars more per year than the rest.

What these master salespeople have done is that they have mastered the art of the close.  

They know how to take the most stubborn “no” and turn it into a “yes!” by being masters at understanding and overcoming objections that occur at the end of the sales cycle.

Let Tom Hopkins show you 60 Power Closes that will jump start your sales career in 1 week!

When Tom Hopkins started in sales, he was put toe-to-toe against some of the toughest buyers in one of the toughest industries: real estate.

Tom too heard the barrage of “that’s just the way it is” from his colleagues and from other salespeople.

But for Tom, complacency and mediocre results just simply weren’t enough.

Tom devoted his time towards learning Power Closes; that is, closes so effective and so coveted that they were almost guaranteed to cut straight to the chase with elusive buyers and to drastically increase the odds of the buyer saying “yes!”.

 Academy of Master Closing is like getting a Black Belt in closing.

Masterfully blending people skills, psychology, and statistical research, let Tom Hopkins mold you into a Closing Champion by teaching you:

  • 20 Landmine Words that 90% of salespeople use that are secretly sabotaging your entire sales effort; say these at your own risk!
  • 6 almost-unfair questions you can ask to disarm and delight your prospect to drastically shift the odds of closing in your favor.
  • Learn this simple Psychology Hack that will allow you to dive deep into the minds of your prospects and determine their personality type.  Hint: it’s always one of 9, and once you know which one, you will know exactly how to approach asking for the sale.
  • Tom Hopkins’ Personal Power Close Arsenal: 20 sure-fire closing techniques that cut through the crud and leave your prospect with no other option but to buy. (This is Tom’s once highly-secret collection of closing techniques that allowed him to become a millionaire by the age of 27).
  • 13 body language tips that tell you exactly what your prospect is thinking at any given time.

What’s included in the CD?

This collection includes 24 sessions personally recorded by Tom Hopkins himself, as well as detailed worksheets and training documentation included as an easily-printable PDF file.

How much is potentially adding $50,000 – $150,000 +  to your income worth to you?

We already know that those who master the close can excel to the top of the sales food chain and consistently close big deals with lucrative commissions.

Many people wouldn’t even blink an eye at investing upwards of $5,000 on something like this.  After all, $5,000 invested to receive $50,000 is a 10x return on investment.

However, one of Tom’s core beliefs is that making his teachings accessible to as many people as possible is one of the most important things he can do as a teacher.

Initially, the thought was to charge $1,000 for this product.  After all, for the kind of income that students stand to make year after year after year, $1,000 is essentially a drop in the bucket.

But that still wasn’t good enough.

The decision was made to charge not $748, not $498, and even not $318!

Rather, you can learn the closing techniques that will allow you to excel beyond your colleagues and completely smash your income goals for a simple, one-time investment of only $225!

Think about what’s possible: you already know that top salespeople do things differently and have a seemingly magnetic ability to consistently close deals.  How would your life change if you knew their secrets too?

This course is your chance to shift the tables.  Invest in becoming a Closing Champion today and watch your income wishes turn into your reality!

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