A Day in the Life of a Million Dollar Producer


The actions and attitude needed to become a million dollar producer

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Product Description

Many ask what does it take to become a million dollar producer? What they don’t realize is the potential to be that person is in each and everyone of us.

In this MP3, Tom Hopkins will teach you what you have to do in order to become a top producer in in every aspect of your life.

Tom reveals the attitude neccisary to achieve that level of success and the steps many sales individuals are unwilling to take in order to become champions.

In this 20 Min 43 Sec segment,Tom will reveal his personal secrets of success so you can embody and employ them every day of your life.

Let today mark the beginning of your life as not only a million dollar producer, but more importantly, an overall success in all of your endeavors!

In CD format, this session is usually a $36 investment. Own it today for 66% off in this special MP3 format.


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