A Collection of Timeless Training CD Set


Simple yet powerful ways to get what you want in life

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Here's what I guarantee: this product has helped millions of students already, and it can help you too!

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This is simple CD set to get bring back the enthusiasm you had when your first started sales!

“Tom Hopkins is a sales agent who’s sold in good and bad markets. Fortunately for sales people, this CD spills all of his secrets for engaging buyers, deftly handling objections, and closing with confidence. -Tino Lo Sasso (Managing Editor of salesdog.com)

If you are in the field of selling, global marketing, head of an organization, or want to be, you will have much to gain from this program!

The material on these two CD’s can greatly increase your income, your self-confidence, and change your way of life for the better! Simply put them in your car as you go about your day and soak up as much of this invaluable information as possible.

The bottom line is that sales professionals want to learn how to find and earn more business. That is fostered by learning how to get individuals to say yes to what you want and in turn earning their trust. Tom Hopkins can teach you how to do this with ease in this CD package.

The beauty of this CD collection is that seconds after listening to these powerful tactics you can start applying them to your everyday sales techniques. Whether it be on your next phone call, an in person meeting, or during an everyday conversation.

Many sales people complain about being ignored by a secretary and/or assistant. This cd program teaches you how to get the information that you need in order to get to the decision maker, make any ally out that person, and break through to that person to get them to say “yes”.

Are you worn out by having sales stalled by the following buyer questions?
– May I think this over?
-Why does this cost so much?
-Can I get a better price at another vendor?
Simply playing these CD’s in your car on the way to your next sales appointment, you could be using these powerful selling strategies to earn your clients’ respect, repeatedly sell them more of your products and services, all without lowering your asking price.

The beautiful aspect of this CD program is you don’t have to find time tin your day to learn these strategies. They can be implemented into your day with ease. Just turn off your typical stereo station and turn on these CD’s that will help build your career and exponentially increase your income.

• Breathe new life into your routine and quickly see how these few changes make a monumental difference!
Tom’s Collection of Timeless Training is filled with great content including the following:
• Understanding why people have negative preconceptions about people that they meet in sales and learning the skill to overcome these obstacles.
• Reignite your enthusiasm for the powerful impact you make in selling on an everyday basis.
• Every word you that you say when you’re selling an idea, a product, or a service, matters more than you think With a little effort you can turn your vocabulary into your greatest ally.
• Energize your presentations. Your clients won’t be able to get enough of your products and marketing materials.
• Never let the idea of buyer wanting to think it over end the sale. With the correct outlook and strategy, it’s the beginning of a great business relationship.

Some other companies would not sell this much information for less than $400. But, after having come up the hard way, learning most of the strategies by trial and error, it’s Tom Hopkins’ desire to make his training affordable to those who really need it. This 2CD program, The Collection of Timeless Training is yours today for $45.00+ shipping and handling. It is backed by our iron clad 60 day money back guarantee.

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