10 Biggest Sales and Marketing Mistakes

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Are you silently sabotauging your sales and marketing efforts by making one of these 10 nefarious mistakes?

Did you know that 90% of business fold within 5 years?  What happens is that business owners focus on everything except sales and marketing!

How can you “beat the odds” and succeed in business beyond your wildest dreams?

Although succeeding in business is a tough undertaking, it turns out that history is a good teacher.  And what Tom Hopkins–a world-renowned sales expert who became a millionaire by the time he turned 27–realized was that business owners that were not successful seemed to be continuously weighed down by 10 unconscious things that were at first barely noticeable, but had the ultimate effect of sinking their business.

Invest in 10 Biggest Sales & Marketing Mistakes to make sure you don’t fall victim!

In this MP3 download, you will learn:

  • Insane advertising leverage that will allow you to double or triple the number of leads you get per advertising dollar.
  • The Bad Salesperson Albatross: how bad salespeople can slowly but surely sinks uncanny companies, and what you can to to plug the leaks and set sail towards higher profits.
  • Champion Objection Handling.  How to predict, prepare for and overcome objections in the sales and marketing process that can lead towards massive profit increases for your company.
  • And much more!

Success in business is your ticket towards riches and a great lifestyle.  But what about failure?

People rarely like to talk about failure in business because it raises immense discomfort.  However, as mentioned earlier, the reality is that most businesses will fail not even 5 years out of the gate.

Smart business owners do everything they can to learn from history and to avoid the problems of the past.  This is your chance to do the same!


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